Circuits Tunnel Heat Dryer (Patent right reserved)

6HDTR-50M / 4HDTR-50M / HDTR-50M
Max. web width 620 mm / 450mm / 340 mm
Max. web unwind outer dia. (mm) Ø550 mm run around 1000 M interior 7 circuits around 50 M drying length (Jumbo drying lengths e.g. 75 M, 100 M etc can be requested)
Rewind shaft dia. 75 mm
Max. speed Connected on-line : As main machine
Max. drying temperature Choose from 0°C to 150°C


  1. Patent machine (Patent right reserved).
  2. The solution for web material if drying by UV or IR dryer cause shrink, fissure problem such as PVC, PE, OPAT film can be the widest application for almost all kind of materials at the most economical way.
  3. Instead of traditional Tunnel heat dryer, this machine makes the web circuit inside from 1 circle run 7 M up to 7 circles run 50 M (special design up to 75 M or 100 M etc). Much longer drying distance can be choose but occupy smaller plant space.
  4. Temperature can be adjusted from 0 ~ 150c apply for different kinds of material. Thick inner liner by very special material with perfect heat circulation makes the web temperature keep the same.
  5. The dryer solution for RFID printing, Thermal / water / pressure sensitive transfer printing, Electronic conductive films printing etc.
  6. Connected with any label press to dry and rewind automatically.
  7. Lamination unit and to add web guider is available.

Applicable Material

Art paper, Mirror coat paper, Foil paper, PET, PVC, PP, PE, Electrostatic paper, Hologram (Laser) film, Phosphoressent film, Flockings paper, Binding cloth, Textile, Garment, Satin, Ribbon, Cardboard, Kraft, Crepe paper, Polar film, Diffuse film, Silver reflect film, Aluminum foil, Laminate copper foil, Photoelectric film, Conductor film, Soft PC plate, LCD conductor glue, Shockproof glue, High Tec. Laminate material, EMI insulator,Sponge rubber, Conductor Sponge rubber, Thermal paper, PE, Plastic Leather, Thin film (IMD), Nameplate, Heat transfer labels, Glue side printing labels, Security labels...etc materials in roll.

Optional Unit

  1. Lamination unit
  2. Web guider

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