Hot Stamping / Die Cut Machine Series

Flat-bed Die-cut, Embossing, Hot-stamping is benefit for thick materials application at most economical way !! Unlike most of Flat-bed Die-cut / Hot-stamping machines are Oblique Flat-bed style instead of real Flat-bed style as ours can make Die-cut, Embossing, Hot-stamping pressure much more equivalent on overall web surface to get best producing quality with good registration!! Smooth High speed models up to 300 imp/min speed can be compared with most of Rotary machines is the best way to do after printing jobs for Letterpress, Serigraphy, Offset, Flexography machines etc !! Choose Exclusive Full-cut unit, stacking station, multiple lamination design etc is benefit for special product manufacturing such as panel, nameplate, touch screen, electronic parts protector, voucher card, container lid, tape etc is the favorite machine for electronic, food cosmetic petrol procession, packaging product manufacturers !!

Die Cut Machine

Smooth die cut machine can choose either flat-bed or semi-rotary styles. The flat-bed die cut machine please check this page. Semi-rotary die cut machine can be converted by SPM-450OR (shaftless offset) or SPM-340LR (shaftless letterpress) or SPM-270LR (letterpress) but min. station quantity is 2. Both styles max. speed can achieve 300 imp/min. Flat-bed die cut machine uses acrylic base or wooden base die and semi-rotary die cut machine uses flexible die.