Offset Machine

Offset printing, also called offset lithography, is a technique for large scale manufacturing imprinting in which the pictures on metal plates are exchanged (offset) to elastic covers or rollers and afterward to the print media. The print media, normally paper, does not come into coordinate contact with the metal plates. This draws out the life of the plates. Also, the adaptable elastic adjusts promptly to the print media surface, enabling the procedure to be utilized adequately on harsh surfaced media, for example, canvas, fabric or wood.

High quality printing result offset machine is the aim for all label printers. Based on Shaftless full computerized technology and wealthy experiences in Intermittent field, Smooth developed the Web-fed Shaftless Intermittent feeding Offset press. Smooth Machinery offers you an economical and quality printing press - Shaftless Offset Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine.

Advantages of Offset Machine

Shaftless technology
Independent digital multi-servo drive secures stable printing registration, speed, and ink kneading etc.

Intermittent technology
High profitability for short and medium runs. Fastest job changes without standstills, minimum wastage.

Wet Offset litho printing technology
Temperature controlled printing unit with advanced damping system achieves state of the art printing quality.

Web tension control technology
Full automatic web tension control as well as tension ratio settings for different web material specifications.

Registration control technology
The harmony coordination between electronic & mechanical components makes printing speed variations / stop then start printing achieves none or minimum web wastage.

Maximized computerized technology
Computer control maximizes functionality and ease of set up.

Converting technology
SMOOTH converting supports regular printing materials such as labels, cards, tickets, tags, boxes, lids, as well as A4 and A3 booklet printing. Converting stations can be extended with tandem or stand alone hot stamping, die cutting, embossing, perforating, laminating, serigraphy, slitting and sheeting machines; and enhance the coverage of integrated effects such as RFID, security, hidden messages, scratch off, thermal transfer, tattoo, and stereography puff.

Basic demands
CNC production, super strict QC, and ISO and CE certifications are the starting points for SMOOTH printing machines.

Unexpected low investment
This “Price Rule Breaker” will shock the market and make a significant contribution to the printing industry.