Twin Shafts Slitter & Rewinder

SL-450CT / SL-340CT Twin Shafts Slitter Rewinder
Max. web width 450mm (SL-450CT) /
340 mm (SL-340CT)
Min. slitting width (mm) 10 mm , 7 knife sets for standard
Max. web rewind outer dia.(mm) Single shaft Ø550 mm
Two shafts together each shaft Ø450 mm
Rewind shaft dia. 76 mm
Max. speed Connected on-line : As main machine or Working independently : 75 M / min


  1. Can be connected on-line with main machine or working independently.
  2. Equipped with sensors to count slit roll length and label quantity. Automatically stops after achieving set number.
  3. German made Auto locked slitting knives, no need to release and re-tighten screws as on other machines. Prevents improper knife angle and material wastage, minimizes time needed for adjustments, danger, and damage due to operators forgetting to lock the screws. Smart device allows for knife positioning during slitting.
  4. Includes blower to blow away web edge trim waste. Different rewind shaft diameters also available.
  5. Adjustable vacuum table plus magnetic brake automatic tension control for each rewind / product shafts, achieves a clean trim tight roll. Unwind and rewind shafts can rewind the printed roll for use on a 2nd pass.
  6. Speed reduction system available. Reduces the slitting speed when set amount is almost achieved, reduces material wastage and maximizes machine longevity.
  7. Twin rewind / product air shafts avoid slitting reels overlapping situation when rewinding on the same shaft.
  8. Self-driven 4 shafts design waste matrix unit included diamond finished shaft against adhesion and pressing shaft for smaller rewind reel, is benefit for any die-cut shapes waste rewind smoothly and efficiently.
  9. Unwind shaft for off-lined use or rewind back the printed roll initial section for 2nd pass use.
  10. German E + L EPC web guider and / or Inspection heads can be added upon request.


Applicable Material

Art paper, Mirror coat paper, Foil paper, PET, PVC, PP, PE, Electrostatic paper, Hologram (Laser) film, Phosphoressent film, Flockings paper, Binding cloth, Textile, Garment, Satin, Ribbon, Cardboard, Kraft, Crepe paper, Polar film, Diffuse film, Silver reflect film, Aluminum foil, Laminate copper foil, Photoelectric film, Conductor film, Soft PC plate, LCD conductor glue, Shockproof glue, High Tec. Laminate material, EMI insulator, Sponge rubber, Conductor Sponge rubber, Thermal paper, PE, Plastic Leather, Thin film (IMD), Nameplate, Heat transfer labels, Glue side printing labels, Security labels...etc materials in roll.

Standard Unit

  1. German made Auto locked slitting knife set*7 (1 set for 1 upper & lower knife, min. slitting width 10 mm)
  2. Diameter 76 mm rewind (product) air shaft* 2
  3. Diameter 76 mm unwind shaft
  4. Counting sensor
  5. Speed reduction system
  6. Adjustable Vacuum tension device
  7. Magnetic brake automatic tension control for each rewind / product shafts
  8. Wastage air blower
  9. Self-driven 4 shafts design waste matrix unit included diamond finished and pressing shafts etc
  10. Tool kit for the machine

Optional Unit

  1. Additional slitting knife set
  2. Additional different diameter product shaft e.g. 3" or 1.5" or 1" diameters.
  3. German E + L EPC web guider unit
  4. Inspection heads

*Smooth pursues a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to minor modify the specification of any of its products without notice.