Flat-Bed Printing Machine

SPM-280DHL CNC Label Printing Machine

Flat-Bed Printing Machine SPM-280DHL
Specification SPM-280DHL
Max. web width 280 mm
Max. Printing Area (mm)
1 color 270(W) x 500(L)
2 colors 270(W) x 242(L)
3 colors 270(W) x 156(L)
4 colors 270(W) x 113(L)
5 colors 270(W) x 88(L)
6 colors 270(W) x 70(L)
By standard 2nd pass unit can do as many color quantity as the setting
Max. Hot stamping Area (mm) 260(W) x 140(L) mm
Max. Die-cut Area (mm) 300(W) x 270(L) mm


  • With scanner CNC Automatic computerized feeding & register system to provide precise printing, laminating, die-cutting (hot-stamping) operation easily.
  • Independent speed controllable inking cylinder & oscillating inking table :
    1. Ink kneading more properly depends on jobs need to get best printing quality
    2. Beneficial for the very thin dots, lines, alphabets printing. To avoid traditional style disadvantage : increase ink but the icon blurred ; if not can't be printed.
    3. Ink washing easily & convenient.
  • Oblique design with Magnetic bottom plates printing & Die-cut (hot stamping) stations more powerful pressure but light carrier weight benefit for full-layout printing & maintenance. Separately pressure, positioning adjustments for printing or Die-cut (Hot stamping) stations while operating.
  • Easy changeable & movable Printing, Die-cut (Hot stamping) blocks on upper chases benefit for quick printing, Die-cut (Hot stamping) plates mounting & change. Specialize printing blocks no adhesive remain printing plate mounting easily.
  • Along, across & askew web angle adjustment for Die-cut (Hot stamping) station when machine operating.
  • Hot stamping function is included not for optional unit. Along web style will have more bigger stamping area and more steady to get good stamping result than Across web style.(Additional Across web style Hot stamping unit can be option)
  • Diamond finished feed drum.
  • Transmission by Unique Cam design instead of Big gear style as other machines. Unique Cam will provide more power to working station to get better quality.
  • Machine body made by professional CNC hole drilling and One casting body integrated molding. Machine parts made by CNC lathe to achieve strict QC request. Patent construction can protect the connection part so machine is very durable, smooth & silence.
  • Automatic lubricating and Non-stop pressure adjustment, easy maintenance and assures the machine running smoothly.
  • Rotary machine style Unwinder, Alloy (no rust but against static) feeding shelf, Lamination unit automatic & manual askew adjustment & tension adjustment, Vacuum suction device to against web flutter...etc.

Applicable Materials & Printing samples

Art paper, Mirror coat paper, Foil paper, PET, PVC, PP,PE, Electrostatic paper, Hologram (Laser) film, Phosphoressent film, Flockings paper, Binding cloth, Textile,Garment, Satin, Cardboard, Kraft, Crepe paper, Polar film, Diffuse film, Silver reflect film, Laminate copper foil, Aluminum foil, Photoelectric film, Conductor film, Soft PC plate, LCD conductor glue,Shockproof glue, High Tec. Laminate material, EMI insulator,Sponge rubber, Conductor Sponge rubber, Thermal paper, PE, Plastic Leather, Thin film(IMD), Nameplate, Glue side printing labels, Sercurity labels...etc materials in roll.

Generally speaking all the printing materials just not too elastic can be printed by this machine.

Standard Unit

  1. Unwinder
  2. CNC Automatic computerized feeding & register system
  3. 2nd pass scanner unit
  4. Printing station
  5. 3 colors tool set, 4 colors tool set
  6. Die-cut (Hot stamping) station
  7. Die-cut & Hot stamping mold tool sets
  8. Diamond finished feeding drum
  9. Lamination unit
  10. Waste matrix
  11. Printing plate mounting device
  12. Tool kit

Optional unit

  1. Sprocket hole punching station on machine table (P)
  2. 1 color tool set, 2 colors tool set
  3. 5 colors tool set, 6 colors tool set
  4. Numbering block plate
  5. Across web style Hot stamping unit (include Foil saver unit)
  6. Moveable UV Dryer Machine
  7. Jumbo Unwinder
    1. Max. 1000 mm reel diameter, 76 mm core diameter for around 4500 meters run.
    2. Self-control web feeding system include Speed coordinating sensors, Auto-braking system for tension control, Tension micro-adjust knob, Pneumatic lifting device, Air shaft etc.
  8. Circuits Tunnel Heat Label Dryer
  9. Rewinder
  10. Sheeter
  11. Slitter & Rewinder
  12. Twin Shafts Slitter & Rewinder
  13. Horizontal Rewinder

Demo Samples

*Smooth pursues a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to minor modify the specification of any of its products without notice.