Offset Machine

SPM-450OR Shaftless Offset Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine

Offset Machine SPM-450OR

Largest printing area by 430 x 410 mm in Web-fed Intermittent feeding Offset litho field

Specification SPM-450OR Offset Lithography Printer
Max. web width 450 mm
Max. Printing Area(mm) Intermittent Rotary : 430(W) x 410(L)
Printing stations standard 4 ~ 8 stations ( max. 6 for Offset stations)  By optional 2nd pass unit can do as many color quantity as the setting


  • Shaftless technology
    Independent digital multi-servo drive secures stable printing registration, speed, and ink kneading etc.
  • Intermittent technology
    High profitability for short and medium runs. Fastest job changes without standstills, minimum wastage.
  • Wet Offset litho printing technology
    Temperature controlled printing unit with advanced damping system achieves state of the art printing quality.
  • Web tension control technology
    Full automatic web tension control as well as tension ratio settings for different web material specifications.
  • Registration control technology
    The harmony coordination between electronic & mechanical components makes printing speed variations / stop then start printing achieves none or minimum web wastage.
  • Maximized computerized technology
    Computer control maximizes functionality and ease of set up.
  • Converting technology
    SMOOTH converting supports regular printing materials such as labels, cards, tickets, tags, boxes, lids, as well as A4 and A3 booklet printing. Converting stations can be extended with tandem or stand alone hot stamping, die cutting, embossing, perforating, laminating, serigraphy, slitting and sheeting machines; and enhance the coverage of integrated effects such as RFID, security, hidden messages, scratch off, thermal transfer, tattoo, and stereography puff.
  • Basic demands
    CNC production, super strict QC, and ISO and CE certifications are the starting points for SMOOTH printing machines.
  • Smooth investment
    European quality but Asian price is our aim and client's comment.

Applicable Materials

This machine prints most rolled printing materials (except materials with very high elasticity) including: Art paper, mirror coated paper, foil paper, PET, PVC, PP, PE, electrostatic paper, hologram (LASER) film, phosphorescent film, flocked paper, binding cloth, textiles, garments, satin, ribbon, cardboard, Kraft paper, crepe paper, polar film, diffuse film, silver reflection film, aluminum foil, laminate copper foil, photoelectric film, conductor film, soft PC plate, LCD conductor glue, shockproof glue, high tech laminate material, EMI insulator, sponge rubber, conductor sponge rubber, thermal paper, PE, plastic leather, thin film (IMD), nameplate, heat transfer labels, glue side printing labels, and security labels.

Standard Unit

  1. Unwinder
    1. Automatic web feed system includes speed coordinating sensors
  2. Wide screen TFT human machine interface touch screen (HMI)
    1. Includes web tension set up page, inking speed ratio set up page (settings by percentage, time, & limit leaking speed formats), printing stations auto positioning pages, and error inspection pages (with auto alarm system).
    2. Other Latin alphabet based languages are available (e.g. German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Malaysian, etc.).
  3. Cool UV offset printing stations ¡V Number displays quantity e.g. "5 of 5 colors printing + UV stations".
    1. Shaftless independent servo drive printing stations.
    2. Independent servo drive ink fountain rollers for inking speed ratios individually, automatically & agitating when machine stop printing.
    3. Advanced inking roller construction, maximized oscillating rollers & form rollers achieve state of the art printing quality.
    4. Temperature control with continuous damping system, PH setting & alcohol mixer.
    5. Pre-damping before inking avoids blind printing.
    6. Skew, lateral micro-adjustment for printing registration at each offset station.
    7. User friendly lubricating piping system on printing station.
    8. Quartz plate thermal insulation UV able to handle some shrink films.
  4. Central controlled printing stations auto-positioning & registration system
    1. Auto-positioning for all printing stations arriving to set repeat length positions to save register time and wastage.
    2. Independent servo drive for each printing station registration, minimum 10 micron tolerance adjustment in HMI touch screen.
    3. Exclusive MPG switch for printing registration, 10 or 100 micron adjustment modes, any or all stations can be selected while printing.
  5. Full-automatic web breakage precaution system
    1. Each station equipped breakage sensor for machine protection
  6. Diamond finished feeding drums

    * Cleaning web no pressing tracks remain.
  7. Automatic computer controlled Ink washing systems
  8. Standard PS printing plate puncher
  9. Tool kit for the machine

Optional unit

  1. UV flexo Varnish Coating station (V)
    1. Anilox rolls designed for easy changeovers and cleaning, handle a variety of tasks and functions. Eases transitions between varnishing, printing and coating shifts.
  2. Magnetic Rotary die-cut station (R)
    1. Die-cut pressure adjustable while printing.
    2. Pressure meter system (K & B KMS-3) can be the additional option.
    3. Reverse magnetic & anvil cylinders for back side die cutting also available.
  3. Video web inspection system & unit ( I )
    1. Included CCD provided by German made E + L (with screens split, screen in screen by zoom in for check register, zoom out for check all label layout, mouse click etc functions)
  4. Back side printing station
  5. 2nd pass scanner system & unit
    1. For back side printing multiple color registration.
    2. With Smooth serigraphy machine & patented heat dryer capable of multiple color adhesive side printing.
    3. Set up by scanner and / or HMI touch screen.
  6. Full automatic printing stations register system & units (FS)
    1. Full automatic printing registration without adjustment.
  7. Lever ink duct segmented blade fountain
  8. Remote ink segmented fountain servo control unit
    1. Includes PC for set up & memory
  9. 500 jobs memory system
    1. To re-print simply recall the saved job and start printing, no need to reset saved items. Includes all parameters e.g. length, registration, inking, tension, etc.
  10. Data transfer from pre-press storage system & unit (CIP3)
    1. Convert with remote ink segmented fountain and servo control. The computer will read the pre-press artwork file to automatically adjust inking without prior set up.
  11. EPC Web Guide Unwinder
    1. FG-450 + SPM-450OR
  12. Jumbo Unwinder
  13. Corona treatment unit
  14. Static eliminator
  15. Monitor PS printing plate puncher
    1. 2 monitors capable of enlarging images 40 times.
  16. Machines on-line reciprocal system & loop box unit
    1. For extended converting stations / machine e.g. on line with hot stamping & die cut machine.
    2. Innovative computer programs and other devices prevent poor registration caused by uncoordinated speed, web jamming, web twist and breakage.
  17. Horizontal Rewinder
  18. SPM-450FT : CNC High speed Twin station Hot stamping & Die-cut Machine
  19. SPM-450F : CNC High speed Single station Die-cut (Hot-stamping) Machine
  20. Slitter & Rewinder
    1. Wastage rewind matrix can be the additional option.
  21. Automatic Sheeter
    1. Stand alone or on-line sheeting.

* items 19. ~ 23. can be connected on-line or working independently.