Serigraphy Machine Series

Serigraphy ( Silk screen ) printing machine can do the stereographic thick coating ( printing ) benefit to special jobs such as RFID, electronic circuits conductive film, panel, nameplate, touch screen, tape, textile, label printing , many kind of transfer printing , ribbon & lanyard printing Ketc or supporting jobs after Offset, Letterpress printing such as blank web full coating, partial coating, varnishing, epoxy etc is well known in this field !! However without dryer solution the effective will be reduce much more !! Smooth Serigraphy Machines not only full-automatic printing station positioning but also independent servo drive pneumatic printing head squeegee auto adjustable are available!! Most important is the dryer can choose UV or Patent circuit tunnel heat dryer can be widest application for almost all kind of materials to overcome shrinkage, fissure problem at the most economical way !!